hey! it’s a song by third eye blind! i found it last year when everybody called me “narcoleptic vampire” and napster was still up. ah, the joy of mp3 piracy. “i try to keep awake i try to keep awake i try to keep awake but i can feel the narcolepsy start (slide?), TO ANOTHER NIGHTMARE!!!”
i think those are the words. it’s kind of unclear… it’s funny =)
this morning i ran to morgan for nutrisci, at 9:10 like usual, plopped into my seat, and promptly nodded off. i swear the lecturer was looking at me when she said, in the middle of the lecture, “you with me here?” i seriously can’t stay awake during that class!!!! it’s not boring either, it’s just… i’m usually sleeping then and i can’t seem to change my schedule around. I’M TRYING! REALLY I AM!. i did take like a 5 hour nap today though. =) that was nice. 11-4… which is when math starts.
so i HAVE to go to sleep early today. like 11 or 12. this sleeping problem is very worrying. i can’t control it… it’s almost not funny anymore…
so in any case, off i go to explore the world of combinations and permutations. =)

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