I WENT SAILING TODAY!!! … i hopped on the 51M bus, rode to berkeley marina, hopped off and met amanda ravi chrisyang leonard, hopped on a sailboat, hopped with happiness inside said sailboat… =)
i yahooed sailing cuz rol cindy and i were talking about how much we wanted to go sailing, and after following a bunch of links i found the cal sailing club… they’re run by volunteers so it’s real cheap. and now i really want to learn how to sail.
i also want to join wushu and take it seriously, i want to get more involved at newman, i want to play intramural soccer with jenny, i want to sing, i want to do this, i want to do that, oh school? wat??? school??? hw???? errrr????
ah but to feel the wind in your hair (and all the water splashing your face) and watch the seagulls in the middle of the bay (and the windsurfers falling all around you hehe) and listen to the waves and feel the boat keel dangerously alll the way over until your head is practically touching the waves … oooh me liiiike, me like a lot… =)
homeworkland, here i come!!

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