i turned in my essay (FINALLY!), i dropped chinese, i’m ok with the fact that i skipped a cs proj!

so i’m not behind anymore, in a manner of speaking! although another essay is due in two weeks, math midterm on nov 1, i got a terrible score on my cs midterm, and there’s a cs proj due in a week that i haven’t even looked at yet! but hey i copied the files over from the class directory… that’s a start, right?!?!?!?!?!?!

AAAAAAND it’s my and angela’s birthday today!!!!!!!!!!! (it’s also brian littrel’s dad’s and one of those hanson bro’s bday too!) hehehee so i’m in a good mood.

off i go to start my math hw! eigenvalues and eigenvectors here i come!!!!

…what do you call a baby eigensheep?
…a lamb, duh!

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