Game overload


  1. Trine via the Humble Indie Bundle 3, because there’s been some buzz about it.
  2. Shadowgrounds, via the above.
  3. Spiral Knights via maiki via penny arcade.
  4. Puzzle Pirates via Kyle and others, because they kept telling me how it was awesome years ago and I just never played it, and now I’m interested again because they’re who makes Spiral Knights.
  5. Borderlands muliplayer with Fritz, because it was on sale today for $7.50.
  6. Magicka, because the Vietnam DLC just came out–I haven’t bought it because I haven’t finishes Magicka yet.
  7. Portal 2 comes out in only six days.
  8. A House of Champions, because a forum member made it.
  9. I have to play my placement match for season 2 of Starcraft II. I’ve been delaying it due to fear that I’ll get placed back into Silver (I was promoted to Gold more than a month ago, but then the season ended). I have to work harder. Learn a 4gate and go to diamond.
  10. Learn to play Janna in League of Legends. Play more. Get to 30. Grind out some runes. Buy the lion dance kog’maw skin, because I have to, because I am Chinese. Damn I have a lot of catching up to do.
  11. Tend farm in Haven and Hearth. Go on a hunting expedition with Kevin and Joe. Make silk! Maybe get a village claim with them so we can teleport to Cocksville. Find minerals. Find Lost Temple.
  12. Get on xbox live with kim and andy and finish ilo milo haha
  13. Do more research on 3ds games…
  14. Left4Dead2 Helm’s Deep mod, because Jon really loves it.

And this doesn’t even list the stuff from the last humble indie bundle, or the steam potato sack which I just bought. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


  1. 1. Trine is awesome, I think I am on the last level. It reminds me of Symphony of the Night.
    2. Haven’t opened it yet, let’s make a time to play.
    3. Played SK twice, what do you think?
    6. So, I am considering picking up Magicka, but there are a lot of other games in that format. Is it better than most?
    7. I am picking up the PS3 version of Portal 2, since that unlocks it on Steam as well (and I don’t need a good computer to run it on, it is cross-platform Win/Mac/PS3 [but not Xbox…?]). However, my PS3 currently doesn’t have a head (screen), so I will probably end up waiting.
    13. Blog about that!
    14. Oh, that looks awesome! If I get a machine that can run L4D2, I will load that mod!

    1. 1. I still have to play it! I started it up once using OnLive (because the Humble Bundle told me I could, so I looked at it out of curiosity) and … it appears … that OnLive … works without installing the game to your system, locally. It says “cloud computing” but could it really be playing it from another machine? I was basically “streaming” Trine or something. I do this for some games at Eudemonia (you can install a game on a server, and have all the gamestations run it off a network drive) but… via the internet? It actually worked. But that was more of a test of OnLive than a test of Trine. I am downloading it.

      2. Ok =)

      3. It’s so cute. I kind of like the button-mashing dance of dashing in to slash at jellies with my sword, then dashing out to avoid their attack. I don’t like that I can’t control my character while it’s slashing, so I have to like count my swings (cuz the third consecutive sword swing makes me lose control of my character for a little longer). I can’t make heads or tails of the crafting system — how do I get “tokens” ? I haven’t spent ANY time reading the wiki, though, so that’s what I get. It’s cute, and actually, I’m almost glad about the limiting factor of the Mist/Energy thing. This way I don’t play too much in one session -_-

      6. Magicka is really fun. I would say yes, it is better than, say, Torchlight (which was really really cute and enjoyable; Fritz played through the whole thing 1.5 times). Magicka is cheeky and hilarious, and the multiplayer is the biggest draw. You can accidentally kill yourselves and your teammates in many hilarious ways.

      7. Wat… Wait… if you buy portal2 on xbox, you don’t get a Steam key, but if you buy portal2 on playstation, you do get a steam key?

      I want a playstation copy for buying it on steam…. lol? I didn’t know that Valve had some deal going on with Sony. Interesting developments….

      Good luck with finding a head!

      13. ok! I am eagerly awaiting the ability to take 3d video.

      14. Yeah, I haven’t checked out Helm’s Deep myself yet, but Javan and Jon are really really into it.

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