1. Trine is awesome, I think I am on the last level. It reminds me of Symphony of the Night.
2. Haven’t opened it yet, let’s make a time to play.
3. Played SK twice, what do you think?
6. So, I am considering picking up Magicka, but there are a lot of other games in that format. Is it better than most?
7. I am picking up the PS3 version of Portal 2, since that unlocks it on Steam as well (and I don’t need a good computer to run it on, it is cross-platform Win/Mac/PS3 [but not Xbox…?]). However, my PS3 currently doesn’t have a head (screen), so I will probably end up waiting.
13. Blog about that!
14. Oh, that looks awesome! If I get a machine that can run L4D2, I will load that mod!