First of all, sorry about the hupa-words spam. I’ve deleted the extra posts. I didn’t realize it AUTOMATICALLY reposted everything. I have since learned how to postolous-only. haha

2. I am now a full-time devotee of this website: http://quizlet.com
Learn! Customize! Tests! Games! Tracks progress! zooommmggg YOU CAN MEMORIZE ANYTHING NOW

I’ve gone through “learn mode” on Navi Nouns 1 like three times; it’s really hard, with nearly 80 words. http://quizlet.com/1620585/navi-nouns-flash-cards/

So, naturally, tonight I made http://quizlet.com/1688522/hupa-nouns-1-flash-cards/
because it is 5 in the morning and this is when I am happiest.

Tests are actually -fun-. With my hupa quizlet, you want to make sure you check “show term first” (else it’s just way, way too hard), and “ignore stuff in parentheses”. If you get so good that you can see the english and then type in the hupa, you do not want to ignore case, since L is different from l. hahahaha

It is awaiting Ramon’s approval. I’m not sure how I feel about including the glosses and the dashes.

He told me before that whing means song, but I’d forgotten. I THINK it may be “just a noun” (that is, not made up of verbs like nearly all other hupa words are). I really, really like the word for bird: k’iya:wh (small one).

I want to pick a name for myself for the Na’vi forums. And I want it to be “night-time bird,” or something, but there isn’t a word for “bird” in Na’vi, and there might not even be “birds” on Pandora. I don’t reeealllyyyy see myself as an ikran, so clearly I have to go buy the pandora field guide and look through it for a smaller flying creature. Maybe those spinny helicopter bugs. Isn’t there a name for that kind of da vinci helicopter? It’s not orthinopter, that’s totally different. Anyway, so I’m thinking about Na’vi-ating the world to “make up” a name: Kxìyaw. LOL. Night is txon. Txonkxiyaw? LOL? Sing is rol and song is tìrol. Txonkxìyawtìrol? I don’t know how to make “sing” into “singer” yet, because I don’t know any grammar, but maybe?

Yeah, yeah, I know Na’vi != Hupa, but as I get more excited about one, excitement grows about the other. It’s stupid, and unrelated (well maybe semi-sort-of-related), like trying to learn chinese and norwegian at the same time for no good reason. I should go do that

People on the forums use jMemorize and Anki, too. Both of those are downloadable desktop applications with advanced statistics tracking; you can tell it “this is easy, don’t show this card to me for a while” and so on. You can set goals, like 20 a day, or 10 minute sessions, so you pace yourself and memorize as much as possible without wearing yourself out. It shows you your progress. Anki has some shareable user content.

So far, though, Quizlet takes the cake because I love living in the cloud.

Edited to add: I found more “it relishes” animals! I’ve known “otter” for a long time otter: Lo:q’-yiditile [=‘fi sh-it relishes’] river otter (Lutra
, but there is alsoooooo….

finch: ’isq’o:ts’-yiditile [=‘blackberries-it relishes’] finch (Carpodacus purpureus, Purple Finch)
goose: Lehq’onch-yiditile [=‘salt-it relishes’] goose
duck: Lo’ya:wh-yiditile [=‘trout-it relishes’] duck

lemmingsolution: what kind of animals is “pickles-it-relishes”
lemmingsolution: harhar
lemmingsolution: You should call me “English-Breakfast-she-relishes”

chweh-xotile [=‘crying-he relishes’] cry-baby

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  1. So your na’vi name is “night:it-sings (bird)”?

    I realized that some birds’ English names could be glossed similarly to the hupa way. Like “woodpecker” is also [wood: one-who-pecks (it)] and there’s also sapsucker and flycatcher. Merganser (from latin] is [One-who-dives goose] Red-tailed hawk might be [Red tail-belonging(to) hawk] (Hmm, how to gloss “tailed?”) Hummingbird [It-is-humming bird] and mockingbird too…

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