First of all, sorry about the hupa-words spam. I’ve deleted the extra posts. I didn’t realize it AUTOMATICALLY reposted everything. I have since learned how to postolous-only. haha 2. I am now a full-time devotee of this website: http://quizlet.com IT IS AMAZING. Learn! Customize! Tests! Games! Tracks progress! zooommmggg YOU CAN MEMORIZE ANYTHING NOW I’ve… Continue reading Untitled

she cried

ch’oLts’it hay tin ch’inchwe’n ch’iwinchwiw she knew that she was ugly. she cried. in hupa, “she cried” is “ch’iwinchwiw” pronounced kinda like this: “ch’ oo wen chwoo” the ‘ is a glottal stop (?), like where your vocal cords start pressed together and then you make a sound “she uuugly” is “ch’inchwe’n” i can’t pronounce… Continue reading she cried