1. no word for “live” as in “live wire” … the only “live” is the one about where you are living

      alive, be:
      whixinay’ [=‘my survival, escape’] I’m alive, I’m surviving, I’m safe;
      xoxinay’ he is alive;
      xa:t’i-whixinay’ I am still alive

      no journal, but there’s

      typewriter: ’a:da:-k’i¬’e:n [=‘by itself-it writes’]
      typewriter; computer


      OR we could go the somewhat-obscure meaning way, but we’d have to decide on a meaning. like….
      – on it, the children are emo
      – in it, she drums
      – it glows and is marked…. there is no word for glow, but there is…

      dawn: yi¬xa (or yi¬xay) it is dawning, day is breaking
      • yisxa:n it has dawned, the day has arrived
      • xoh¬iq’ay-tehsyay [=‘whiteness-goes along’] the fi rst
      light of dawn showing in the sky

      light shines: k’ininde:n it shines (e.g., a light bulb,
      star, sun), there is a light; k’ine:nde’n it lit up;
      k’ini¬ding light it up! shine a light on it! turn the light
      on!; k’ine’wi¬de’n he lit it up

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