where we ate in LA

california chicken cafe – near the tpr office. yummy fried chicken, and a yummy pasta salad.
damon and pythias – sandwich and salad near ucla.
yoshinoya – lawl
wahoos – fish tacos. surfboards all over the walls.
versailles – cuban food. more chicken.
bossa nova – brazilian (fusiony). hip place. with hanyi and lauren. i had this awesome banana pizza that was supposed to be a dessert, but i didn’t care.
ugo – italian. with doris and joe. downtown culver city is a very cute place.
gambino’s – kabob thingies. seafood. little place. rice.
mi piace – jen’s birthday. italian.
mcdonald’s – fine irish cuisine.
the hat – PASTRAMI!
din tai fung – DUMPLINGS. i’ve been to the mothership one in taiwan, too. HOORAY
sushi mac – fun sushi, cheap
santa monica, lunch on the pier.
disneyland – 1. prelunch: clam chowder in bread bowls. 2. lunch at the french market (fruit, sandwiches). 3. snacks: churros. cotton candy. 4. dinner: kebab thingies. pretzel. 5. pineapple stuff because doris told me to. 6. funnel cake.
we made ravioli for a few meals. and dumplings. three cheers for price club frozen stuff.

with various members of my family, i went to saladang song, a japanese place in pasadena that i think is kansai but i’m not sure, … etc

oh, and PINKBERRY!!!!


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