gosh, i’ve been so tired a lot. i just fell deeply asleep at 7 after feeling lethargic all day and waking up was incredibly hard: my brain was all muddled and i couldn’t see and i was very dizzy and i felt exceedingly unnaturally weary… it’s frightening. i clench my jaw when i sleep. drinking water makes me nauseous.

i got a new old phone: a relative’s old one. and a free sim card, because the at&t store at westgate is awesome. so all is well on that front. it’s an ancient nokia with only one action button, so if i highlight a name in my address book, the only option is “call.” if i want to edit that entry, i have to back out of the address book and reenter it via the menu, choosing “edit,” and then go to that entry. it’s crazy. but it works, and it was free. i dreamed that i found my old one under some papers, after the power had gone out in this decrepit old house that i lived in with my mother; i was looking for my 99-cent back of ikea tealights on my ikea shelf when i found it. sigh.

my brother gave me his hearthstone cuz he wasn’t using it and i QQed so much about losing mine. i put it on my keychain. my siblings are sweet sweet people =)

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