what we looked like in LA

getty. the getty. whatever.

at disneyland, nick got a giant felt wizard hat with mouse ears (they are soft) and i got a pirates of the caribbean mouse ears hat. mine is embroidered. we tried to get it embroidered with “YARRRR” but they said they could only embroider names. now that i know, next time i will tell them that my name is “yarr” and not to question my chinese heritage. i wore it on the plane and bart home, and on the bart, some girl came up to me and asked to see my pirate mickey hat and said “that’s so subversive,” which is a dumb thing to say because pirates of the caribbean is SUCH A DISNEY CREATION. maybe she only meant that it was subversive to make themed mickey hats, but that’s weird too, because of course they’d make anything they could to make you spend more money. also i became desensitized to themed mickey hats after a day at disneyland.

my hat is awesome. MY HAT IS AWESOME! there’s a gold hoop earring through one of the plastic felt-covered ears, and a scarf that hangs down on the side, and some beads on a string hanging off. i like pirates. also, i like nick.


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