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I’m sick.

I saw Daft Punk, Muse, and Rage Against the Machine at Vegoose this weekend.

There are fewer things more ridiculous than a helmeted robot-man pumping a metallic fist at us from within a giant raised pyramid-spaceship, and therefore now I am a big fan of Daft Punk. Plus I love a good dance party. Their set was crazy: pyramid bordered with really bright pulsing moving lights and screens on the sides, triangle-latticework facade capable of rendering progressions of colors, big screen in the back largely used for words. I wish I got a picture of the part in “technologic” where they said “fuck it” for two stanzas and the back screen blinked “FUCK” in big big big red letters. That would have made a fantastic livejournal icon. In their encore, they surprised us with light-up suits and everybody cheered. It was awesome! Here are some pretty good pictures from someone on the Muse messageboards: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?p=3568459#post3568459

Muse delivered a top-notch performance, as usual. Spidey Dom! Muse’s set was minimal, and the setlist was very similar to the one we saw at Irvine, only shorter. At one point Matt stood in the spotlight with his mirror guitar and shone a beam of light at a passing airplane. That was cool. A lot of the crowd were there for Rage, but I heard a few positive comments in the sea of disinterest around me: “that’s a lot of sound coming out of such a little guy,” “wow they rock!”

Rage and Rage’s crowd were both fun to watch. FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here I am at the very back of Rage’s crowd:

On Monday before we left, we played craps, because I’ve never gambled before. I am happy to report that after like an hour I was no longer completely confused. Just mostly confused. I had a little fun run as the shooter. I kept putting 5 on hard six when I was rolling for some reason. Once I put down 5 on hard six and then immediately rolled an easy six, QQed, and then four rolls later I rolled a hard six and the people around me QQed some more–“if you just put down that bet one turn later!” A nice old guy next to us who explained some stuff (“the odds on those areas (6 and 8) are something like 4 to 7, i don’t remember what they are exactly but you want to bet in multiples of 6. if you put down 10, the payout will only be 10, but if you put down 12, the payout will be 14. so if you’re gonna put down on six and eight, put down 12!”) put a 5 on hard six for me, and I immediately proceeded to roll a 7. That made me QQ. Gambling is kind of pointless if you are very indecisive and don’t know what’s going on. Haha.

Man… I never take enough pictures!

where we ate in LA

california chicken cafe – near the tpr office. yummy fried chicken, and a yummy pasta salad.
damon and pythias – sandwich and salad near ucla.
yoshinoya – lawl
wahoos – fish tacos. surfboards all over the walls.
versailles – cuban food. more chicken.
bossa nova – brazilian (fusiony). hip place. with hanyi and lauren. i had this awesome banana pizza that was supposed to be a dessert, but i didn’t care.
ugo – italian. with doris and joe. downtown culver city is a very cute place.
gambino’s – kabob thingies. seafood. little place. rice.
mi piace – jen’s birthday. italian.
mcdonald’s – fine irish cuisine.
the hat – PASTRAMI!
din tai fung – DUMPLINGS. i’ve been to the mothership one in taiwan, too. HOORAY
sushi mac – fun sushi, cheap
santa monica, lunch on the pier.
disneyland – 1. prelunch: clam chowder in bread bowls. 2. lunch at the french market (fruit, sandwiches). 3. snacks: churros. cotton candy. 4. dinner: kebab thingies. pretzel. 5. pineapple stuff because doris told me to. 6. funnel cake.
we made ravioli for a few meals. and dumplings. three cheers for price club frozen stuff.

with various members of my family, i went to saladang song, a japanese place in pasadena that i think is kansai but i’m not sure, … etc

oh, and PINKBERRY!!!!