just got home from potter. it was fun.
there was a girl with sticks on her head with a bow. we were confused as to what she could have been dressed up as until someone took a picture of her: she posed with a harry in spell-casting mode, and then it became obvious that she was dressed up as harry’s patronus.
there were only a couple of harrys. one was evil harry with a red vampy cape and a tiny owl on his shoulder. a few were girls. there were many scarves. there were many hermione-whores with very short skirts and high heels with the stripy socks, etc. i remarked upon this fact out loud to lisa right before realizing that one of them was sitting in front of us. then i felt like this ><;; or maybe ^_^;;
"i will penetrate your … mind, and you will attempt to repel me" haa hahaha haa
there was so much cheering in the beginning. and in the end, there was more cheering for rupert grint's name than for daniel radcliff's, and rabid screams for alan rickman.
i cheered during the golden compass trailer.

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