But first, OMG RENT… the MOVIE (thanks babygrand) OMG. OMG! OMG!!!!!!

Last Saturday, I participated in my first Molten Core raid. I got to hear people speak in Australian accents and in Cantonese, oceans away. I got to die along with all thirty-nine other members of our raid 8 or 9 times in a row. The first leader was kind of sucky, but then someone else who was pretty good stepped up to give orders and things went pretty much OK after the first 4.5 hours of failure. Annie got one of the three epics that dropped!!!!!! Grats Paleina on Giantstalker Bracers!!! Two of those and the Nightslayer (rogue) belt dropped. So that was really really exciting. We wiped pretty badly at the first boss, Lucifron. He has two cronies. The first time, we managed to kill the first one and almost kill the second one, at which point Luci killed us all and he still had like 88% health. The second time was kind of chaotic. Then everyone gave up cuz it was late and our armor was all a nice shade of vermillion on our little paper dolls. I swore that by the next time Goulash’s guild (rockin castle knights) organized a raid, I would have the 300 engineering schematic for the field repairbot. They have a version of “call of the grave” (remember that from outside the deadmines?), except it was one or two thousand damage after fifteen seconds, so that caused massive death. All in all it was mostly fun. Next time I’d want to go with a more organized group with a better leader. What makes a good leader: you give orders and expect people to follow them. Don’t be wishy-washy.

Oh, and Astix got the first piece of her dreadmist. Bracers dropped and yesterday I finally got enough Illusion Dust to put +9 sta on them. Hooray. Allinda bought Arala her Wildheart Bracers. Got no BOP parts yet, though Astix has a bunch of blue boss loot with +int, sta, spi and +spell dmg, so that’s good enough. Dire Maul is a lot of fun and has a lot of easy-to-reach bosses that drop some good stuff (and some crappy greens, too, but that’s OK). Astix has done the first part of her warlock EPIC MOUNT quest too, so that’ll be exciting. Lalalala. I’m sticking to affliction for now, but going destruction seems like fun. Or shadow mastery+ruin for MASSIVE shadowbolt crits. Ahhh the choices. I got a Whitesoul Helm made for Cenbryht, I hope he likes it, if he ever logs on again. There’s so much work to be done… warlock quests (get infernal! get EPIC MOUNT!), farming for enchanting formulas (+7 int bracer, +9 str bracer, crusader…), tailoring recipes (ghostweave stuff drops off of the naga in Azshara)… totally driven by avarice. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s Cenarion set? Ha!

And the veggies went totally crazy and went from 43 (ok… we were all a bubble from 44) to 47 in less than 48 hours (Monday-Tuesday). We MUST get the cane from the zombie king… THREE TIMES…, but it hasn’t dropped for us =( “How could we have forgotten The Dance??!?!” The Dance totally worked for Bokchoy and his ELECTROMAGNETIC GIGAFLUX REACTIVATOR!!!!! HAhahahaha. George, you asked if Archaedas dropps Archaedic Stones of anything else, and he totally does:

Snapshot: Astix, 60 warlock. Arala, 56 druid. Pomegranate, 47 warrior. Lynne (dragonmaw), 40 paladin. Adeline, 29 hunter.


  1. That’s totally awesome about the gear! Could it be…awesomeness EXTREME?

    Sorry I haven’t been on lightbringer for a while, my new guild (wolves of the calla) just started going crazy and we leveled almost everybody in our guild today, at least once. (Except for the 60s).

  2. Dear God!
    So… many… stats…
    It’s like a siren call in some lilting, unspeakable language of obsessive customization. Resist, or risk destruction on the ragged shores of time forever lost!

    (Your goose is UP! Make your supervisor! I can mix metaphors all day if I have to!)

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