My hard drive got all corrupted again, so rather than reformat once more and continue to crash I’m sending it in for a warranty replacement. This means I’m quite WoWless. It is very, very sad.


  1. Hey, did you graduate, or are you staying another semester? Cause if the foremer, congratulations! If the latter, yay, cause we get another semester of the awesomeness that is judytuna!

    1. I have not graduated. I am one of those people that is going to take eight years to graduate from undergrad. Things are not working out for me right now. I’m staying in Berkeley indefinitely, though.

      Thank you for the kind words =)

      How much longer are you going to be here?

      1. Aw, it’s ok! You’ll be like Ronald Cruz, except infinitely better and not working for DAAP.

        Anyway, I’m here for another year, should all things go smoothly.

  2. Tis probably for the best. Get offline, balance your life again! I wish my computer would break, but then again I just got a new one.

    But if you need a temporary hard drive to get back online…

        1. Re: Cultural Differences

          nope, but the time difference certainly makes it harder to play with your friends. the fact that british students have way more free time and want to go out all the time helps keep you offline, too. and the cute american girls. but i guess you have those in california, too.

          1. Gotta Catch Em All!

            We do all right.
            There’s plenty of reasons to be out and offline in CA though, I don’t think it’s lack of opportunity or motivation. It’s about distraction.

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