Starcraft 2 tourneys that I’ll play in!

I am going to participate in a couple of online starcraft cups!

1) r/starcraft‘s open clan, r/almostrelevant, is hosting an internal league. I signed up for the gold division. Group play leading to brackets. They JUST put up the first matches! We’re responsible for finding our partner, scheduling/playing games, then uploading replays/results and awaiting our next matchup. Current status here:

2) The Ironlady cup! National ESL’s women’s league! I signed up for it! I’m not gonna get very far, but I’m participating in it just to show support or something. I’ll also submit an application to help admin the cup! Despite ubiquitous negative comments and rumblings of “but it’s really hard to be a man too“, I like a female cup. I like to see more girls playing.

And despite how exhausting it is to think about the community’s negative reactions to the idea of a women’s cup, there are a few positive responses in there, and whatever — we’ll have fun. So there’s that.


    1. In Starcraft II, your “online handle” comes in two parts: your name, which you can choose, and your “dot identifier”, which is assigned to you.

      You can’t friend me unless you know my .identifier (or unless you’ve just played a game with me). So I always write judy.933 so that people can add me.

      Blizzard did this as an answer to name collisions, so that there could be multiple “LionShadowWarriors” in the world. In other games, people have problems when they lose their name (like if their account is compromised or if a pro gamer has to change their name when they change teams). The .identifier system fixes this, but introduces other problems (like having to write down your .identifier), and also a lot of trolls take the names of famous pro players just to mess with people.

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