Buzz Aldrin is so gangsta.

So there are things all over the internet the 40th anniversary of apollo 11, right? and google logos and youtube logos and such? I looked up what Buzz Aldrin’s first words on the moon were, because we’ve all always been sympathetic to Buzz Aldrin, who’s totally eclipsed by Neil Armstrong. I mean, I know I’ve been in multiple conversations that start with “what about that 2nd guy? You know? The one that’s not Neil Armstrong?” and everybody hemms and hawwws for a while until someone says “Buddy something?” So I looked it up and got to of course, which is nice. Beautiful, beautiful, And that led me to which made me very slightly dismayed about the really slow video that plays where he talks about his book. Then I saw “download Buzz’s song on itunes” and pretty much lost it.



Talib Kweli: “I really admire the way Buzz takes chances. You know, like how he challenged the NASA space program. And even the track itself. Is there a word for something you can’t explain in words? Ineffable. That would be it. That track is ineffable.”

Also the part about beef. OMG.


Edited to add the Buzz Aldrin punch:

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