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Buzz Aldrin is so gangsta.

So there are things all over the internet the 40th anniversary of apollo 11, right? http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/apollo/40th/events.html and google logos and youtube logos and such? I looked up what Buzz Aldrin’s first words on the moon were, because we’ve all always been sympathetic to Buzz Aldrin, who’s totally eclipsed by Neil Armstrong. I mean, I know I’ve been in multiple conversations that start with “what about that 2nd guy? You know? The one that’s not Neil Armstrong?” and everybody hemms and hawwws for a while until someone says “Buddy something?” So I looked it up and got to http://ask.yahoo.com/20060803.html of course, which is nice. Beautiful, beautiful, And that led me to http://buzzaldrin.com/ which made me very slightly dismayed about the really slow video that plays where he talks about his book. Then I saw “download Buzz’s song on itunes” and pretty much lost it.



Talib Kweli: “I really admire the way Buzz takes chances. You know, like how he challenged the NASA space program. And even the track itself. Is there a word for something you can’t explain in words? Ineffable. That would be it. That track is ineffable.”

Also the part about beef. OMG.


Edited to add the Buzz Aldrin punch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOo6aHSY8hU