Wherein Muse sounds the most Queenish yet!

Muse gets Quennier than ever, with a huge side helping of Chopin! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S83tuz8000

I do confess it is growing on me. It is fun to pretend you are getting blown into the back of your chair when that part starts up. Is that a russian or middle eastern or something riff in the middle? Is it…. dare I say… Eurasian?? Anyway it kicks your ass. Well, it kicks my ass.

The album (named The Resistance) is coming out on sept 14. They had this huge puzzle where they unlocked pieces of United States of Eurasia (-JAA!!! -JAA!!!! -JAA!!!!!) + Collateral Damage. The puzzle included making people go to actual places in the world to retrieve a USB key that contained a hint about where the next USB key was. I am trying to puzzle a meaning into why they would call their arrangement of Chopin’s Nocturne Op 9 No 2 “Collateral Damage” ?? It’s a nuclear meltdown according to http://www.muselive.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=38988 . Woohoo! Children playing! Missiles launching! Brain asplode!

What other major bands right now are this explicitly anti-war (and perhaps anti-iraq war and anti-bush administration in particular)?

The internets tell me Nazi Germany banned Chopin from the radio during ww2 because his polonaises were used to rally support for Polish resistance. A-HA!

Anyway, now I am playing a lot of Chopin, because F didn’t know him. Thank you, youtube! Thootoobe! (F’s initial reaction: “It’s weird.” Why? “It’s so beedly.”)

What remains in my head right now is etude op 10 no 3, because of the part that is so sad you want it to go faster, and slower, and it sits there right at the cusp of everything you have ever wanted as you are losing it at the same time, and you are so sad when it ends that it is physically painful.



      On the forums, someone commented “as i was listening to this song, i was afraid my mom would hear it and think i finally turned patriotic =(” and a couple of other people said “yeah, here in britain, i’m afraid someone will hear only a part of it and think i’m pro-USA =(” and someone else said “you are all bananas.” ROFL

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