warhammer online

WAR is here! Yeah, the acronym is WAR, for "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning". Haha.

If any of you play, go on these servers:
Order: Saphery
Destruction: Monolith

I’m on Monolith as a healertypething named Adeline.

Eudemonia has free 7-day trial accounts to give out. I can get a basically unlimited number of them, so TELL ME IF YOU WANT ONE. tzeentch I’m looking at you. In fact, I am begging ALL OF YOU to activate a trial account.

Eudemonia’s running promotions for it too–come in and activate an account, get 1 free hour to play. Once you get a character to level 2 and show us, we’ll give you 4 MORE free hours.

If you can’t come to Eudemonia to play (for free), you’ll have to download the client yourself. http://torrent2.eamythic.com/WarBeta.torrent
Takes a while.

Why should you play WAR?
1. To help Judy get more free trials activated.
2. You can pvp at level 1.
3. You can earn experience by pvping. PvE still exists, of course.
4. Sieges.
5. Lots of classes to choose from. They look like they’ve tried really hard not to pigeonhole healers. All of the descriptions say "with strong damage capability, they will always be at the front of the battle"

Anyway this whole promotion is really important to the game center industry as a whole. iGames was able to get free trials for lan centers, which is really rare for a new MMO, and we’re the only places you’ll see free trials this early for Warhammer Online. EA is going to be tracking the number of activations we get as well as the number of conversions to subscriptions to measure how well marketing at LAN centers work out. It could significantly change the way big publishers look at us. iGames is really srs about it. They’ve been calling centers to say that this is the most important promotion they’ve ever worked on!

So if you’re already buying the game, you should get a free 7-day code from me anyway and activate it first. You get a free 7 days, and I get to boost my conversion percentage =D I already preordered from the ebgames on shattuck. I love them.

I also preordered the Wrath of the Lich King collector’s edition there yesterday.

Also, I bought rock band 2 and drums for Eudemonia’s xbox360.


  1. here’s looking bak at you, kid

    Sweet! I’ll take it. I can’t come in to Eudemonia, of course, being in Colorado and all, but I do want to check this thing out. How long is the activation good for (I mean, how long can I wait to put in the code and activate it)?

    1. Re: here's looking bak at you, kid

      You have until Oct. 31 to activate it. Send me an email! My email address is my lj username @gmail.com. Let me know when you’re done downloading the client and I’ll send you a code =D

      1. Re: here’s looking back at you, kid

        Wow, you weren’t kidding about it taking a while to download. Mine says sometime between 2 and 4 days, if I never turn the computer off. !!!

      2. Re: here's looking bak at you, kid

        Hmm. This might have to wait a while. The torrent I’m downloading is about 9.3 gigs. I have a sum total of 2.4 gigs available (on my 40 gig hard drive). This might not work for me…. Perhaps when I go home and get my external hard drive, but that’s not going to be until at least thanksgiving if not christmas.

    1. i’m not really playing wow anymore. every two weeks i log on and do a battleground.

      did you see the achievements that are coming in wrath? some of them are like “Get all three orphan’s week noncombat pets.” that means you have to do the orphan’s week quest three years in a row. i think i missed this year’s SO I’M GONNA HAVE TO WAIT TWO MORE YEARS TO FINISH THAT ACHIEVEMENT OH GOD!!!!

      apparently there are special mounts for other stuff, like finishing every heroic dungeon, and finishing every 10man… etc.

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