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2. There are a bunch of superheroes. One is named Invisible Man. But he’s made an enemy, who goes by the name Hates Invisible Man Man. He, in turn, has made an enemy named Hates Hates Invisible Man Man Man.

This never fails to get me laughing.

3. In Hupa, the way to say "bread" is something like "Its texture is soft and spongy, and it goes in a fire or oven." Further complicating matters is that when you use a verb like "put," you have to embed something about the essence of the object you’re putting. So if you want to say "She put the bread in the oven," what you end up saying is "Its texture is soft and spongy and it goes in a fire or oven, she put the thing whose texture is soft and spongy and it goes in a fire or oven into the oven." Which really just boils down to "Bread bread." It is problematic. Also I can’t stop laughing. I nominate Lisa to make a comic out of this. It will have one person saying "Bread bread." The other person will say "????"

3b. In Hupa, the way to say "acorn" is "that which you eat." The way to say "person" is "he eats acorns," aka "he eats that which you eat." So the way to say "That person ate some acorns" ends up being "He that eats that which you eat ate that which you eat."

3c. In Hupa, the word for the color orange is "of the nightingale." The way to say a "fake" something is to say that it resembles something. Like, a statue is "a fake man" or "a man, it resembles." So the way to say orange juice is "It resembles the nightingale, treefruit water." The way to say "sugar" is "tree juice." Thusly the way to say "Extra, the sugar-free sugar substitute," is "It resembles tree juice."

3d. The way to say "sweet" is "Tastes like deer."

In conclusion, I heart Ramon.


  1. It resembles tree juice, but it still tastes like deer!

    Tom made a superhero joke like that in the Squelch, about the superhero “Can’t Stand Man” (who has to always sit down) and his arch enemy, “Can’t Stand Can’t Stand Man Man.”

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