it was so much fun. the whole thing was a giant string of inside jokes. there was mulder, sitting at his desk, and as soon as the camera started to pan upward, everyone in the whole theater knew what was coming: pencils! look at mulder fondling a sunflower seed with his lips. look at scully arch her eyebrow and crack a half-smile. the mulderditch made an appearance, and so did Jealous!Scully, glowering away (and so did we, when the Other Agent called him “fox.” ugh, how that grates on the ears). and i swear they took a cue from the order of the blessed st. scully the enigmatic and had all these ridiculously egregious shots of GA against a huge stained glass window. i want to talk about the xfiles. what sites are left? in what forums can i find like minds? anyone know if those brilliant reviewers from days of yore are still around? i want to read that one chick’s extremely sarcastic reviews. i can see it now: “and scully looks so fetching in her scrubs. as always.” i loved this show. oh my god it’s all coming back. (edited to add: the haven for the fbi’s most unwanted still exists as a forum!!! )

i’m very perfunctorily reading about the reception of the movie and everyone’s trashing it. hahahaha. it was lame at parts, very lame, and exaggerated. like, the ultracatholicism was a bit… problematic, and there are major plot points that you just kind of roll your eyes at. you can tell they were taking tv characters and trying to blow up all their nuances to fill the big screen. i enjoyed that they managed to make the characters’ behavior at once very familiar and shocking. like a fanfic. yes, the whole thing was like a giant fanfic. it was incredibly indulgent and i loved every minute of it.

stay for the credits. i couldn’t believe it.

god i love these characters.

for old times’ sake:


  1. I loved it too, and I didn’t expect to. I’ll make a post later. So nice to see them in, like, a functioning, adult relationship? Kind of? I appreciate that the movie sort of just let you assume what had happened over the past few years.

    “What’s up, doc?”

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