hi mercuryfading!

kristin nudged me! so i’m going to post. i’ve been busy lately. last week, there were some network problems at work that made me emo. last weekend, i went camping with fritz, jenny, dylan, dave, and jen, who i met for the first time, on the beach just south of santa cruz. we roasted marshmallows and looked at the sea and played pictionary. dylan, fritz and i saw the dark night on sunday downtown. have you ever heard of a palindromic tune? sigur ros has a song whose melody is the same backwards and forwards. it’s incredible. we’d like to see them at the greek theater in berkeley on oct 2 this year. this weekend i’m going with ramon to redding and then to mount shasta to watch a taiko drumming performance in the setting sun and to meet ramon’s excellent 72-year-old friend. i haven’t had a chance to do laundry in a very long time. i haven’t had the chance to write anything about our weeklong camping trip after july 4, either. man!

i’m hosting an age of conan LAN party at eudemonia through igames on sunday, august 2, from 4-7. 10-day free trial accounts, free time, free pizza, free tshirts. i’m really looking forward to it and i really want to build our relationship with igames. plus, the people who make age of conan are local (redwood city) so there’s a chance developers might show up. an eidos marketing manager and some igames people are coming for sure. i have dreams of a cake with an edible decal of the hot prostitute you rescue in the first quest, but that may be out of our budget.

i just went to ex’pression to record star wars music for my coworker ray a.’s project. it was fun.


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