1. Blizzcon tickets are sold out. None of us scored any. Fritz refreshed for most of the last 36 hours that he was awake. I refreshed at 8pm when they were supposed to go on sale… you know what, I don’t even feel like taking the effort to complain about it. Suffice it to say that I participated in the FUCKING DANCE CONTEST IN 2005, AND went to blizzcon again in 2007. I should have been able to score a ticket, not someone who was just going to scalp it. But life is unfair.

2. Why am I playing Travian? I’m fucking terrible at it. I just want to build up my city, but the point is that it’s a WARGAME, not a sim game. I hate attacking other people and I hate being attacked. Whenever I start a new server, I think, “maybe it’ll be therapeutic if I try to be aggressive and sort of roleplay a coldhearted attacking mastermind” but I always forget to.

In such a fucking shitty mood.

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