At the store, the stereo system is located on top of a tall yellow closet. I was not aware that the top of the closet was not solid and that the stereo system perches upon two slats of wood. On Friday morning, I plugged in my ipod to get some Guster action on and reached up to leave my ipod up on top the closet, except what I actually did was insert it into a hole between two slats of wood. My ipod fell 10 feet to the ground and died. It was a sad day.

Today I washed the kitchen floor. It’s freezing outside and in. I smell like chemicals, but I no longer want to kill myself when I walk into the apartment.

There is a boy. His name is Fritz. We harmonize.

(This entry was written on Sunday, April 20, and I never got around to posting it. I’m posting it now on Sunday, April 27, and changing the date manually. I think it’ll still appear on my journal as April 20… let’s test it and see!)


  1. Fritz is a good name… Since there seems to be a lack of forthcoming information I’m just going to assume that you seduced him with your sexy chemical-y smell!

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