unveiling: pwnology.com !!!!!!

here’s an email my guildmate troy sent us! check it out!


Since the forums are dead (RIP: Noodle soup?) I have chosen to mass message you all via the books of faces. Some of you have heard about the web site that Ayani and I have been working on for some time – and well, most of you haven’t. So it is with some degree of honor that we would like to unveil Pwnology.com (and the accompanying Facebook group).

The site was started as a backyard science project, weaving together coding, gaming and now PR/Marketing (apparently). We had trouble finding quality game videos so we created a site that could house our favorites and also serve as a recommendation engine for others. So today we support embedded uploads/shares from YouTube, GameTrailers and Filefront… and we’ll continue to add more. On a frequent basis we’ll also continue to update featured videos, add news articles and gaming commentary, and of course add new videos to our archive.

Given the amount of time we’ve spent waiting for Nick to sheep adds on MajorDomo, and discussing pirate porn in hunter chat, we wanted you to be the first to check out the site and help serve as a founding crew of sorts. We would especially welcome any feedback you all have – as you really are the core gaming audience we would like to cater to.

I would like to make it clear that this isn’t a cry for you to donate a dollar a day to help some orphanage in southeast Rwanda – it is a cry to help a poor white dood get a site off the ground that gray (Ayani) and I have spent countless hours coding, debating and well… playing wow as research.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the site,

– Jada

p.s. I’ll be sending a group invite separately (stupid facebook won’t let me send a long message as an invite). Feel free to ignore XD.

p.s.s. Also feel free to forward. <3

p.s.s.s. Ruben, Mike and Justin are already in the group, so I'm just spamming them.

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