Yesterday, I woke up totally sick, but energetic and restless and claustrophobic. Dylan learned never to wait for Fritz and Judy again when he is hungry for some Naan & Curry. However, on the way over there, we passed that bronze globe statue thing with skyscrapers coming out of it at west gate and Fritz said “I want to go through that” and I said “Do it!” and he said “I won’t fit” and I said “I will!” so I did, except while I was climbing into it feet-first I slipped and bonked my knee. Fritz pulled me through by the feet and I shimmied out and looked at my knee: my jeans were fine, but I had a big bleeding gash. At Naan & Curry, Dylan splashed chicken tikka masala on himself and was dismayed. At Eudemonia, I made a sign to replace one that I’d taken down earlier and forgotten to replace, and put a bandaid on my knee.

Also yesterday, Mike T had a birthday party. It was mobile: they biked all over Berkeley and went to bars and stuff. My bike was at home, so from Triple Rock, I got a ride with Tommasso to that park between Cedar and Rose, way west past Sacramento, and watched BFFs Mike and Nicholas let kids boss them around and show them how to slackline. Em, Kim and I got frozen treats from a cart. I made funny faces at Suzanne’s niece Sadie (from a distance because I was sick), who has the biggest, sweetest eyes. I fell off the slackline on my hip-back, and got socked in the face by an elbow on my way down, and got a nosebleed.

Then I took the bart down to Fremont for Sandy’s birthday party. I haven’t seen that girl for years. I’ve missed her. My nose continued to sort-of bleed as it continued to run, and people pouring beer on each other and falling down makes me sort of uncomfortable, and I tried to keep the doggie Beverly away from broken glass, and Sandy’s fiance JasonT seems like a genuinely good guy, one of those guys that’s cool and in control in a laid-back way (I’m glad I got to meet him, I can’t believe people are getting married all around me, it’s so weird), and JasonC got to play guitar hero for the first time ever and gave me a ride back to the bart station, and I was so tired and windswept and parched and sick and noserunny and earstuffy but I’m glad I went to those things and I had a good Saturday. And now, my butt really hurts and my my face kinda hurts and my left knee has this big bruise and is weak but the gash has scabbed over and this is all much better than my situation this time last year where I left my house once a week to get food. I’m pretty happy these days, myopia notwithstanding.

Sometimes, I am surprised by the sheer joy caused by youtube videos. I mean, it seems like I am elevated to this level of sheer joy all the time, but it surprises me all the same. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed4CHkN-Dkw
(Once again bondchick_nett, I am SO very glad to have you as a lj-friend. Hooray for livejournal!)

Now I am going home to do laundry.

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