speaking of women in gaming


it’s all been done.
it’s all been done.
it’s all been done before.

thinking about it more, i lose interest in all of this because it just makes me angry, and i stop reading to avoid feeling angry and helpless. both sides make me angry, really. if i REALLY wanted to make the study of this into my life, i would go and do more research on these multitudes of feminist gaming blogs. what i’m feeling right now is that i probably don’t have anything new to contribute to the discussion.

i’ve only barely skimmed the comments. i don’t really care about the skimpy armor. i do care about harassment, though, about being a girl at all, and about the assumption that you don’t have any skill. example of what i’m talking about, lifted from the comments:

Xplayer whispers: omg a dwarf woman
Xplayer whispers: EWWWWWWWWWWW

Yplayer whispers: holy crap, you’re fat
Yplayer whispers: r u that fat in real life? lol
Yplayer whispers: no wonder u play WOW all the time

Zplayer whispers: ur so ugly
Zplayer whispers: omg I can’t believe it
Zplayer whispers: how’d you level to 70 when ur so ugly?

i’ve been on the receiving end of that too while on a female dwarf. i’m sure even alan has. yes, you deal with a lot of annoying teenagers, but we’re not talking about isolated cases that are easy to shrug off here. we’re talking about real insidious sexism that never goes away.


  1. Why are you still playing alliance with all the 15-year-olds? Come to horde where there’s more adults. Seriously, someone was saying the average age of alliance is 16, while the average age of horde players is 21. Weird, huh?

  2. I hate stereotype of women who play video games. I’m tired of it.

    Though, I have not experienced Barrens chat, and I just usually ignore the drama that goes on in general and trade and LFG chats.

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