it’s skinny ties, now, is it

There’s a lot to say.

I would like a lanky wavy-haired pretty boy of indeterminate asian-caucasian racial heritage attired in emo-business-casual of my very own to rip a skinny tie off of. Barring that, walking down the street with a spring in my step and occasional uncontrollable twirls is ok too. Derf posted this song in the trinity forums like last month, and I kinda liked it then, but it played on the radio at the store three times on Thursday and now I’m addicted. Even though the lyrics are kind of dumb fucking awful. I like to think of them as intentionally so; tongue-in-cheek, ironic. “This club will hopefully/ be closed in three weeks/ that would be cool with me/ Well I’m still imagining/ a dark-lit PLACE/ or your PLACE/ or my PLACE” … sigh it doesn’t even scan properly

We have Sirius satellite, and depending on the mood and/or laziness of the person who opened the store it’s on classic rock, red octane (metal and harder stuff), alt nation (you can guess who puts that on. Let me give you a hint: they play Muse), or pop. It’s been on the pop station for a week. It was on alt nation for a long time before that, but we all kind of got sick of the White Stripes song “coooOOOOOooooonnnQUEEEEEST” so it was time for a change. One morning I put it on jazz to see if they would play cool jazz, but instead it was elevator music jazz. We used to be forced to put it on “easy cafe” or something, because it is more “conducive to a retail environment,” but it was always either Norah Jones or some soft cover of a pop song. Not that I dislike Norah–it’s just sleepy. But I do dislike soft covers of pop songs. Once I put it on “college music” for a day and it was weird bat-screechy indie shit that Ryan probably would have liked.


  1. Nice, thanks for the video! I heard that song on the radio and kinda do like it. Not what I imagined for the video though. I also have been thinking how cool it would be if an a cappella group managed to pull that song off, that would be pretty awesome.

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