phone =(

I lost my phone. It is a silver Motorola Razr (a flip phone, thin). It has one accessory: a hearthstone (grey round “stone” made of plastic with a little blue swirl on it) connected to the hinge by a string. It says “Cingular” on the screen when you open it up, and “Tunaghoti” on the splash screen when you turn it on. I miss it quite badly. The number has already been suspended. I hope I won’t have to get a new one.

I lost it yesterday (Friday, August 10) while eating at Brazil Cafe for lunch. Early afternoonish. Called it with a housemate’s last night at 11pm, it rang and no one picked up. Went back today and none of the people who work there had seen it, and they even let me borrow their phone and call my phone, which didn’t ring: the batteries must have died by then.

I’m very sad.

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