muselove: getting CE to number 1

so, we in the US CAN help out! hahhaa

Do you love Muse?

Members of and other fansites are trying to get Citizen Erased, possibly one of Muse’s greatest tracks, into the charts.

This is possible by paying for digital singles on sites such as HMVDigital, iTunes and Digital. We recommend iTunes.

Download Links (Downloading can start NOW up until Sunday!)
HMV Digital Download
7digital ** Accepts Paypal ** Also counts for foreign downloads! Download
iTunes Download

Please, please help us out here! We’d love for Muse to get a chart entry on such a classic tune! If you’re not from the UK, you can download from the 7Digital site (which also accepts paypal).

Please also spread the word. E-mail / IM your friends and family, post it on your blog or any forums you visit – the more publicity the better.

Feel free to Private Message me (click here) if you have any great ideas, or if you’ve posted it anywhere which will generate some publicity 🙂

Thanks everyone – do get in contact if you have any questions!


i just used paypal and £0.79 GBP is $1.65 USD (PayPal Conversion Rate as of Jul. 10, 2007: 1 U.S. Dollar = 0.481288 Pounds Sterling)

=D i’d pay that much for like, a bag of chips. this is a chance to unite with muse fans worldwide and try to get more exposure for citizen erased… totally worth it


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