note-taking: chinese soap operas

I am looking for the chinese soap opera that everybody’s parents watched when we were in elementary school/jr high. It was a historical one, about a princess whose name sounded vaguely like “2nd fish” and had an old guy with a moon on his forehead. Please. One of you has to know what it’s called and how I can get it. Please?

And then there was one where there were these torture scenes where a dude had bamboo sticks stuck through his fingers and then they were laced together, crushing his fingers.

And then there was one where there were all these devices to behead someone, like those scary paper cutter things except a lot bigger. And there were ones shaped for different animals. I asked my mom wtf was going on and she explained that like tiger was for a certain level of official and then this other animal (dragon? i dunno i can’t remember) was for beheading the emperor. I asked my mom why the crap someone would have to behead the emperor and didn’t get an answer. This is why I would like to watch this series again.

And then there was another one that we watched in Taiwan one summer. It was a modern one. It had this angel, who came down from heaven, and she fell in love with this dude, and she worked some kind of miracle or someone worked some kind of miracle and first she was blinded, and then she was unblinded. And there were two guardian-type angels that were responsible for the young woman angel’s behavior, and they were punished by the scary heaven gods for letting her fall in love with the human man. Anyway much later they got married and had a baby. And then an evil woman-god came in the guise of a human woman and put a blanket on the baby and suffocated it, making it look like the human man’s older daughter killed the new baby (she did nothing of the sort) to breed discontent in the family.

????? is totally one. I remember the name “something something ge ge” because I was so confused because “ge ge” sounds like “older brother” but in this name they were different words, that meant princess or something. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm… that’s a start

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