actually he throws confetti on himself on “sleep in peace/ when the day is done”

and he still does it. like in this video a few weeks ago:

i uploaded blue caravan, seattle nov 2005:
i can’t find the other videos i took at that concert =( and i don’t even remember what else i recorded. i think i also got the one where david berkeley came out and sang with her, and tells me that was during the tower.

i just broke down and bought the new assassin off of drm is for nubs: the faq on the website even says “burn it to CD, then rip it using iTunes to play it on your ipod.” stupid, stupid record companies. you can stream it here:

i don’t even know what .89 pounds is in dollars. i’m assuming it’s not too much more than $1. i hope. in other news in the “Judy Spends Responsibly” department, i just found out i was just charged $79 for amazon prime a few days ago becuase of their “try prime for three months for free!” promotion and i forgot to cancel it in time. i’ve just cancelled my prime membership but i have yet to figure out if that means i get refunded. goddamn it.
–edited to add: they’ve refunded me. hooray!

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