1. I’ve already seen Serenity (I know, out of order, weird), but now I have to watch it again. I don’t know anything about BSG besides that people who like to make Muse livejournal icons often also like to make BSG icons (and Lost icons about kate and sawyer, and icons of the Arctic Monkeys, and Grey’s Anatomy)


      GAHHHH it’s so good!

    1. i hope you do! it’s incredible! i need more! my roommate saw me freaking out after watching the last episode so he fed me the comic (it’s set between the series’ end and the movie) but that only made me feel worse! aarrrrrrghhhhhhhh

      at least they’re talking about doing more comics. i wish they’d do more movies–even the x-files is going to come out with a second movie “someday” (though of course the x-files saw massive commercial success, so it’s a little different). sigh

    1. ARRRGHHH I feel so … bereft! So much story left untold!!! It’s so sad! I can’t believe I hadn’t watched it ’til now. I’ve already seen Serenity, but now I have to watch it again. And the whole series with commentary! How could it be so good and so commercially unsuccessful???!?!

      1. How could it be so good and so commercially unsuccessful???!?!

        Because Fox screwed it over. You know the pilot episode on the disc? That wasn’t the pilot episode when it was on TV. They started with the train robbery episode, which although it was okay, really sucks as a pilot episode. Then they moved it around the schedule, bumped it off whenever they felt like, etc.

        It’s sorta like what NBC does to Scrubs, but somehow Scrubs has survived.

        Fox kills all sorts of good shows that start with the letter F: Firefly, Futurama, Family Guy… (which only by sheer fan power did they bring back Family Guy)

        I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar. – RIP Wash

      2. Because FOX SUCKS!!! From the bits I’ve heard it seems like they didn’t like any of the things that made the show cool, like having normal working people as the focus and not so much action and blowing shit up. I would like to know what’s up with the Shepherd’s past! Was he like a green beret or what??

        Does Serenity make more sense now that you’ve seen the series?

        1. Yes! I felt spoiled for the series, though, since I knew… er… things, I guess. I won’t say anything if you haven’t seen Serenity yet. ARRRGHHH it’s so good!

          Apparently Joss Whedon is going to write more comics. I hope that they do. I hope they get to flesh out all the mysteries (like book!)

          1. I watched Serenity on Friday (or maybe it was Thursday) and DUDE! I can’t believe they killed you-know-who(s)!!! I totally didn’t see that coming! I am very relieved you-also-know-who came back…I was getting really worried at the end of Firefly. 🙂

          2. Yay! Well then, what I wanted to say was about River–she totally kicked ass in the movie. I would have loved to see that slowly unfold over the course of the series as I’m sure they meant to do. And when I was watching it I kept waiting for her to bust out the can of whoop-ass because that’s how I was introduced to her character, haha. That’s all.

            you-know-whos!!!!!! /cry

            I have to watch Serenity again!

          3. Yeah, River was awesome! There were times when she really bugged me in the series, but it was totally gratifying to see her kick ass in Serenity. That almost makes up for all the other cliffhangers that are still unresolved. 🙂

          4. “I can kill you with my brain.”
            Lines like those in Firefly meant more to me because I actually saw her kick ass in Serenity. etc. hehe
            So many cliffhangers!

            I loved all the dialogue.

    1. yes yes so much yes!!!

      i heard serenity didn’t make a profit D: i don’t understand. what’s wrong with america? how could anyone see this series and not love it to pieces immediately??!?!?!?! ARRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!

      1. most movies don’t make a profit. money is in owning story/character rights and possible dvd distribution. And theaters don’t make a profit from movies they show. It’s all about concessions =P

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