First picture of Dakota Blue Richards, the girl playing Lyra:

Look at that. The movie’s going to be beautiful. I’m excited.

Muse won best live act at the Q awards and look really cute: http://community.livejournal.com/musewhores/55997.html
Note Dom’s shirt. It’s The Like‘s bunny tee. They opened for Muse during their US tour (I saw them in Davis). Isn’t that adorable?
Apparently Dom dressed up as superman last night in bordeaux but there are no pictures yet.
Edited to add:


i believe in a thing called love is about the worst song you could try to make an MSR (that’s “Mulder-Scully Relationship” for you noobs) video to, but someone did it anyway. Here’s one set to TiRO too; I’m surprised there aren’t more set to Muse songs, considering the obvious similarities in subject material (government conspiracies, paranoia, aliens, faith, sinister technology, the truth, the apocalypse).1 I’ve got the mp3 of extremis on my computer, but I had never seen the video before. Hmmmm. Years and years ago, message boards exploded in flames over someone posting about blooper footage of the hallway scene and refusing to upload it for the rest of us, so it’s a big deal that now thanks to youtube the world can see the infamous kiss, minus bee. I hadn’t seen any of the gag reels before–they’re funny. Gillian Anderson is a giggler. Looking at these youtube videos I’m struck by how somber the xfiles was. All those creases on their eyebrows, all the dark dark sets, all the frantic running down lightless hallways. Also, she often had to stand on a box. Also, this was all j’s fault.

1I harbor no interest for government conspiracies, aliens, or technology-as-sinister-force-eating-our-souls, and I do not spend all my waking moments thinking about the apocalypse. As such, it actually worries me that my interests end up being so predictable. Actually, no: I do engage in claustrophobic paranoia. Maybe that’s what attracts me to such things.

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