1. snobby comment to follow

    I liked the tap dancing, but she’s not very good at lip synching which made it harder to enjoy the song, even with trying to ignore the totally over-produced over-filtered stuff, and that she is being a stripper.

    1. Re: snobby comment to follow

      Her dancing is weird–I agree, it looks kind of like a stripper who’s had too much coffee, the song is pretty awful, and also, I have to say–suspenders are probably the most unsexy clothing item, especially on someone as unsexy as she is.

      1. Re: snobby comment to follow

        actually, i liked her best in her beginning outfit. that was pretty hot. then unfortunately it had to turn into a peep show.

        1. Re: snobby comment to follow

          yeah i really liked the entire opening sequence. the rest of it is like, meh.


          and a baby blue hat!

          and i love red and black!


          this is all so pointless!

          1. Re: snobby comment to follow

            LOL.. this song is like, MEH.. my dancing’s like, MEH…the rest is like, MEH. i think it’s a hit, judy!

      2. Re: snobby comment to follow

        I have to regretfully agree with the general consensus of not-really-that-hawtness.

        However…Ryan in suspenders? Frickin’ HAWT!!!!!

        (also a straw boater)

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