If I weren’t so lazy,

…I’d make a Mulder & Scully video to Glorious, the BH&R bside that was included in the japan release, and available in the US only by purchasing the whole album via itunes. So here, just… fucking… do yourself a favor and download the fucking song right now, because AUUGHHHHHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH AUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

…I’d make a c’thun video to City of Delusion (all-seeing eye; couldn’t be more perfect). ‘Course Trinity would have to kill c’thun first. And I’d have to uh, start playing again. I haven’t even reinstalled it yet. SRSLY, I KNO, LIKE ZOMG!

…I’d preorder BC. Quite frankly I am foaming at the mouth for a

…I’d get a fucking job. I’d clean my room. Obligatory other things. Oooh I’d do my laundry so I can wear my Muse shirt again. I’m gonna start doing my laundry every week.

…I’d arrange Harbor again. I’d install Melody Assistant (but why bother? My computer will just crash again. That my friends is what we call defeatist!). Actually shit, my old Melody Assistant code is stuck in my old almost-irretrievable emails… hmm. I’m sure I’ve given it out to one of you guys. Can any of you send it to me? =(

…I’d learn Least Complicated. I’d pick up the dusty guitar again. I’d get a full-size keyboard. I’d learn me some Nocturnes, learn ’em good. I’d get an electric guitar!!!!!!!!!!

…I’d get Rhapsody and find out about Franz Ferdinand, TV on the Radio, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Rufus Wainwright, the Strokes, Odessa Chen, OK Go, the Shins, … actually if I weren’t so lazy I’d actually compile a list. The list is very, very, very long.

…I’d go running.

…I’d make that Zidane icon.

…I’d uh, you know, um, graduate from college. Instead of writing in my livejournal. Yeeeeeeeeah.


    1. apparently a baby hippogryph pet accessible if you get a certain card from the WoW trading card game that’s coming out with the expansion. !!! there’s just too much to keep track of, and now we’ll have to shell out RL money for a random chance at exclusive loot? D: but look at it!!! it’s adorable!!!!

  1. By Rhapsody do you mean that that really pathetic subscription music service from Real? Why put up with that BS? Just use Pandora (for free!) or buy the albums.

    1. because there is a very long list of music–10/month is cheaper than buying 50000 albums. also, pandora suggests songs for you randomly, right? what if i really want to listen to a particular song eight times in a row at a particular moment? i’d be out of luck! so that’s why.

  2. Ooh, my brother got a new electric guitar for his birthday. He might sell his old one if you’re interested! You’d need to buy an amp though. He’s got a Fender stratocaster now! It’s purty. =)

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