muse on youtube

matt & dom – 3-part interview on bh&r:
hullaballoo clips:
matt meets metallica:
dom practices:
matt at the piano: (blonde, recording absolution)
crazy screaming microcuts (red hair):
dom and chris jam:
long interview on absolution:
captures of webcasts 2006 (austin city limits, inland invasion):
matt says the alphabet backwards:
compliation of funny tv clips of muse trying to introduce themselves:
matt & dom – 2006 on bh&r:
matt & dom – first of a series of mtv interviews about their videos. 2006:
matt & dom – talking about their favorite music videos. “3000? that’s his name?” haha:
matt & dom talk about matt’s voice (red hair): I LOVE THIS VIDEO
dom steals the slipknot mask:
matt & dom – reading 2006 interview:
making of TiRO:
dom hearts brian may:
2001 interview with all three: glittery hat, they all look really tired, interviewer translates
sunburn with piano and guitar (radio 1 2006):

chris plays the piano:
blackout in italy: little roland setup
blackout at glastonbury:
blackout: absolution setup

starlight at ema 2006: LASERS!!!

to watch:
muscle museum, interview:
rock tv interview 2003 (feet hahaha):

assassin/debase masons grog:
double kicks, maybe?:
single kicks (kroq) with dmg riff at end:

oct 3 2006 seattle:

other people doing covers:
sunburn on acoustic guitar:
supermassive on electric guitar:
map of your head on keyboard/bass/drum pads:
small child on bass doing hysteria:

other crap:
thread of animations:

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