1. the girls across the way sing along to “all i want for christmas is you” every day at around this time. they’ve kept it up for like a week.
1.5. oh, it’s a mariah carey cd. for some reason the only song i’ve caught in the last week was the christmas one, but they’re on hero now. o mariah. also, they do “california,” but probably because of the OC /scoff. i liked phantom planet. i wish i hadn’t lost all those mp3s.
1.5…5?. nm they’re on hanson now. they’re on “respect” now, but the guys above just put on “tearing up my heart” to compete. both parties are singing at the tops of their lungs. hmm what shall i add to the fray? oh, nothing, since i can’t be bothered to install sound drivers! ha ha ha! i think i’m just gonna sing along until someone notices me TEARIN UP MY HEART AND SOUL, WE’RE APART I FEEL IT TOOOO, AND NO MATTER WHAAT I DOOO I FEEEEL THE PAAIAAAIN, WITH OR WIIITHOUT YOUUU ahh that felt good. speaking of the guys above, last week there was a fight. “get the fuck out of my room” was bellowed a few times and there was much stomping. we happened to see one of them in the elevator the next evening and d asked what they were fighting about. guy’s answer: “well, we discovered that someone throws the toilet paper away in the trash can instead of flushing it. and we were like, ‘who doesn’t flush their toilet paper?? that’s disgusting!’ so we had a whole controversy over it.” the latest bellowing we’ve had the privelege to be the audience of was “it’s just a fucking facebook comment! i didn’t say anything bad! she didn’t say anything bad! you’re making it sound like i fucking cheated with her!” for an hour. we think they should just break up. their make-up sex must be really good. i need to use a different bullet scheme

2. onset of a rather severe case of suspenders-fetish. i mean, braces. especially redundant ones.
god, they’re so hot.
ah, message boards, where other people understand my obsession. fan the flames.
2…1?. they really type “innit.” they also call each other things like “twat,” “pillock” and “wanker,” and they tend to be more fond of “cunt” than i think we americans are. also, “mates,” “bless,” etc


  1. “Innit” is said too. It comes at the end of sentences for the…er…less well educated. “‘s not wot she said, ‘s wot she did, mate, innit?”

    Yeah. “Cunt”. It’s males and females that get called that, but mostly males. It’s weird. I can’t say it. I tried explaining that it was probably the worst insult any woman could be called ever but I wasn’t believed. In Scotland, the worst is “cow”. Which means both fat and skinny girls who are annoying.

    1. Yeah, “wot!” I’ve seen people say that, and replace h-at-the-beginning-of-words with ‘ when they talk about their country towns. ha. This is fascinating to me because besides a couple of episodes of Coupling (the original), I have zero knowledge of british pop culture. Oh, except that people said “innit” and “cow” in “bend it like beckham.” ha again.

      I like “aww, bless’m!” though. That’s so cute.

      An Australian teenager in my WoW guild regularly calls his little sister a cunt for using up all their bandwidth browsing myspace (they have limits per month in Australia, apparently) and it’s always felt so terribly unneccesarily harsh, but I guess they just throw the word around all the time. Or he’s an angsty teenager. What’s the worst thing we call both fat and skinny girls who are annoying? Bitch? Ho? I think I just say “stupid girl.”

    1. 1. Too many computer problems, stuff got lost between hard drive failures. I think I ripped Imogen Heap to your computer and never put it on mine, for example. As for the stuff on my ipod, I didn’t even want to install itunes (or any program) because in the last week my windows has gotten messed up so many times. It’s actually pretty stable now, but who knows how long that’ll last.


      or hanging off of the pants, like


      i want pants like that! ahahahahahahaa

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