1. My naive self has been under the misconception that “royal canadian blended/ the spicy aroma has mended me” referred to coffee after a hangover, or drinking coffee instead of alcohol. But you don’t drink coffee in glasses, after all. Also, thank you wikipedia, though I couldn’t find “Arberlour.” (Aside: If I could piratize my speech, I would.) Here is the sarcastically titled “Sober” :

royal canadian blended
the spicy aroma has mended me
matured for years and imported
into my glass you poured it

you’re the only reason
that i remain unfwozen
suppose it stands to reason
that you would turn on me

you’re so soliiiiid
you’re so sooliiiiddd
it burns inside of me
cuz you’re so soliiiiid
it burns inside of me

the wild turkey‘s been chosen
its caramel nose could smell me
arberlour jameson i love you
the single malts come running

and you’re the only reason
that i remain unfwozen
suppose it stands to reason
that you would turn on me

And then I really like the little 10-note riff here. Yes, there is a lack of rum, which makes its appropriateness for Pirate Day a little… less. lessened. reduced. whatever. Forgive me. (Aside: there’s this contingent of people on the message boards who keep saying “pwoper rock!” because there’s a dvd of a san diego performance where at the end when they get off stage an elated Matt turns to the camera and says “now that’s pwoper. that’s fucking pwoper rock!” and now I notice it in every song and giggle uncontrollably. I love them.)

2. Magnetic North teamed up with Wong Fu to make a video to “Drift Away.” I got to wave my arms around as an extra in a crowd yesterday and wear Theresa’s red jacket. I am excited for all of them.
2.5. Some of you may know Wong Fu from their short movie “yellow fever.” They’ve graduated from UCSD and are going “on tour” for their new feature-length movie, “a moment with you.” There’s a showing at monta vista on friday, sept 22. I’m interested in seeing it, even though the trailer looks really… cheesy.

3. Yummy Guide for the win. I should make this a habit. It’s very close to 12th street station, too.

4. I was lonely in my 2-person tent. We ate huckleberries, demanded that Lisa identify everything we saw, and learned from Elanor how to whistle upon acorn caps. Angela showed me what B7 was and now I can play “unintended” really badly, with which I am converting my roommates.

5. I don’t feel bad about playing the same music over and over again because I’ve heard “you are my only, my only one” very loudly approximately 29587476187394817261974398279103417614651 times from a neighboring apartment. Googling bits of lyrics I can decipher tells me it’s “only one” (go figure) by some group called yellowcard. I’ve never heard of them. Also, “if i lay here will you lie with me.” Also, I’ve lost all my imogen heap, jet, phantom planet, savage garden, backstreet boys LOLLERCOPTERSAUCEMAO in my hard drive corruption.

6. Speaking of, the latest thing that’s happened is two sundays ago there was a spontaneous registry corruption on a restart that caused windows to not be able to start at all so I reformatted (because all my data was on another partition and another hard drive). The next time I shut off my computer was last Sunday, and there was another registry corruption, but the more minor kind where I could still load windows but most programs didn’t work, for example,

firefox is the thing i’m saddest about not working (i uninstalled it and everything, but it won’t erase certain pieces of it because the data is corrupted, so i can’t install it again either). i can’t live without tabbed browsing.
My solution is just to not turn off my computer. I guess I should get a new motherboard since I’ve already replaced the ram (well, and the power supply). Or at the very least I should get something that will let my motherboard understand hard drives > 137gigs without software so that I can use the new hard drive, maybe the problem is on the old hard drive after all. I don’t know. Anyway, the other hard drive used to be OK, but a few days ago (and I haven’t shut it down for more than a week now) it started telling me that the entire D: drive (which is my new hard drive) was corrupted. So… yeah.

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  1. your post made of think of rap lyrics

    “well, if kurupt gave a fuck about a bitch i’d always be broke. i’d never have no motherfucking endo to smoke.”

    so, it turns out, your motherboard is into ganstarap.

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