damn it

I put on my jacket to go outside to get quarters for laundry but it’s 6:05pm and all the banks are closed. No clean clothes for Judy!


      1. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but…

        Yep, just ask for $10 in quarters. You might have to buy something, but even if you don’t need groceries, it’s always nice to have some altoids handy.

        1. I wasn’t being sarcastic, haha. I just assumed that they’d say no if you asked for change in quarters or something–I’d never tried, but I guess it is sufficient to say that I live in constant fear of immutable oft-imaginary laws that govern human interactions.

          My mom included a box of Altoids and a box of Lime Mint tic tacs (“both on sale at Walgreen’s, that’s why I bought them, here, take them”) in her giant package of apples and asian pears and chocolate silk soymilk individual-serving packs and bottle of juice squeezes. Lime Mint tic tacs are disgusting. I like orange tic tacs (and of course regular white ones are still the best in my opinion) but these green ones are just awful.

          1. Don’t let my imagination run wild..

            I guessed the worst they could do was say “no” when I asked them, but I guess that’s not really the worst they could do. The worst I imagine they could do involves some of the equipment in the deli section…

            They have spearmint altoids now, that don’t quite have the sinus clearing power of regular peppermint altoids. They’re less of an adventure, but easier to enjoy. I’ve never been a huge fan of tictacs in general–there’s not enough flavor there.

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