Hong-hong has a new baby sister!!!!!!! (The newest addition is the second child of my mom’s 3-sister’s only son… and the first girl in the generation after mine! So far it’s been nine boys!)

You can see my cousin Lily (the mom), Hong-hong, and the baby.

The baby is named 苗景璿 … I think. I’m not really sure if that’s a name. I can’t read it. And I tried looking up the words at and I failed, probably because I don’t have Chinese software. But it shows up chinese in my email and I can copy and paste it… I don’t know anything about how language software works.

Also unsure if that’ll show up in livejournal. Let us find out.
SO CUTE!!!!!


    1. Yes! That is what babelfish told me, too! And of course it would tell you that, becuase since it’s a name it doesn’t actually make sense as a phrase or sentence. So then when I tried it word by word, it told me nothing again. So then I tried word by word: Miao means seedling (which it very well might–the first word is the family name; I’d never known what it meant)… and it said “cut off the nose” for the second word and “?” for the third word. It was wrong for the second word–it apparently didn’t have the second word in the dictionary but gave me a DIFFERENT word instead, with the same parts basically but a different radical. And it didn’t know what to do with the third word.

      SOOO then I tried a translating widget running on “systran language translation technologies” on ryan’s computer (he has tiger, you know) and “miao” was seedling, the second word was “scenery,” and the third word was merely printed back to me in the original chinese, but in the “English” output box. It will be a mystery forever! Until I call my mom!

    1. No, it just makes me miss hung-hung. He is SO CUTE!!!! I wish I lived in Taiwan.

      Wait… no I didn’t. HAHAHAHAHAHA

      I wish they lived here. Pesky immigratin’, splittin’ up families and shiet.

  1. I don’t comment on your journal much. I guess because I see you all the time. The correct term for this character is “first cousin once removed.”

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