The ones we have as pets from the Feralas quest are a subspecies of faerie dragon known as the sprite darter. (So it said in the quest log for that quest. They probably like, decided to change the name to “sprite darter” but then realized that they had to explain why they were called “faerie dragon” in war3. hahaa)

Anyway, in Warcraft III, faerie dragons were a small night elven flying light-ranged anti-spellcaster unit. They had a channeled manaburn spell and were really pretty and make little “jing!” sounds.

And this is my favoritest image of a night elf, ever. http://www.blizzard.com/war3/wallpaper/wallpaper23.shtml … She kicks the WoW-cover-art-night-elf’s ASS. And is so, so very hot.


      1. Apparently, for me sharp canines = sexy. I guess my full fetish is: Red-haired, freckled, green-eyed, sharp-canined, pointy-eared atheletic women.

        I guess the practical upshot is that I have a thing for female irish werewolves.


        1. I have nothing to add to this conversation, just had to mention the water I spit out when I read that. Must remember not to be drinking water while reading Isaac’s blog responses….


          I like tall, slim, unassuming bespectacled men with short hair. Named Mulder (Damn, the only MulderGlasses picture I can find. The MulderGlasses shrine isn’t on the web anymore. Sob). I am a member of the lj community glassesfetish, after all. Too bad I haven’t looked at that community since I joined lj several years ago.

          Hmmm. I think you can substitute long hair for glasses (but I don’t think long hair + glasses works; short hair + no glasses is fine though). Like the character Takeshi Kaneshiro played in house of flying daggers, or Legolas. Yes… I have a thing for androgynous warriors.


            Mulder (or should I say.. Smoulder?) isn’t particularly androgynous…

            Do you like huge engineer or Buddy Holly glasses or slimline designs?


            No, you’re right, he isn’t. So I guess I like Tortured Dark Men Who Only Have One Facial Expression And Who Are Embroiled In UST1 With A Brilliant Hot Partner (see for another example: Tony Almeida at http://www.fox.com/24/profiles/ ) as well as Androgynous Warriors. This makes me exactly like every other heterosexual female out there in the world today. The more I try to define what I like, the more general it gets. I guess that’s the problem with defining it based on television shows/movies.

            Um, as for glasses style, it depends. Obviously, “huge engineer with lenses so thick the world is obscured behind them” or “your glasses are actually replacements for your eyes and cover up your empty sockets” (that was really gross) are no-nos, yet I like “slightly nerdy” and I think I prefer it to like “ultra-chic slimline” or something. And Buddy Holly glasses–well that depends on the face. As usual, my answer is really “I can’t decide, I like them all,” which is why I will never graduate from college.

            1UST stands for Unresolved Sexual Tension. It is the reason I watch television shows. No, I’m serious.


            I seem to have forgotten how to denote “superscript”–those 1s were meant to be footnotes.

          4. A question of Scale..

            So 1UST is “level 1 unresolved sexual tension”?
            Is level 1 the highest, or just above level zero, i.e. between a man and his loyal dog (non-existent, you sick bastards).

            I think that’s the reason I have female friends.
            No, I’m not serious.

            Wait a sec, what about explosions, Judy? You don’t watch television for explosions, too? Even Star Trek eventually succumbed to the explosion requirement, and in recent years ST episodes contain nearly 80% of your explosion RDA. Failing that, you could always watch “The A-team”. That invariably contains 100%.

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