1. First of all, http://www.rumorsontheinternets.com/

2. Regarding World of Warcraft: I’m on the pacific PvE server Lightbringer.
Arala: 20 night elf druid. skinning/enchanting. first aid.
Astix: 11 gnome warlock. mining/engineering. cooking/fishing.
Adeline: 3 dwarf hunter. probably will pick up only gathering tradeskills, like skinning/mining. or maybe skinning/leatherworking to specialize in dragonscale, for when hunters get mail at 40 and if annie decides not to do leatherworking.

Ray–> Allinda: 14 human priest with skinning/tailoring. Athera: 14 ne warrior with herbalism/alchemy.
Annie–> Paleina: ne hunter with skinning/leatherworking. Saphime: human mage with tailoring/enchanting.
Ryan–> Cenbryht: 11 human paladin.

Play with me. George? Isaac? Steve? Derek? Laura? hehe

I know, odd that all my names, and all ray’s names, start with A. I don’t know why that happened.

3. I’m registered for next semester. I’m taking math, english, and education. I still need two units; let me know if you hear about any cool decals next spring. I am taking a class at the time for u chorus, so that’s out (ha?).

4. Went to Ryan’s thanksgiving at his aunt-in-Santa-Cruz’s house. Over weekend, celebrated cousin Kevin’s baby Sean’s first birthday. He crawls funny–not on both knees but with his left knee and his right foot, so it’s really lopsided. I spent half an hour with him trying to get him to figure out how this set of giant legos worked. I’d put two pieces together, give it to him, and he’d look it over and try to take it apart about 50% of the time. Never got him to put two pieces together, though. And he liked to throw it on the floor and smile at me (probably because I laughed every time he threw it on the floor). They just took him to Taiwan for a few months, where he played with my cousin Andy’s two year old baby who we call hong-hong or xiao mer (who I played with in Taiwan; he doesn’t have an English name (yet)). They (“they” means cousin Kevin, his wife Maggie, and my 2-aunt) say that hong-hong was a great “big brother” to Sean–when he saw Sean could only crawl, he crawled around with him and chased five million circles around the dinner table, and that hong-hong understand he’s older, because hong-hong makes the same faces to Sean that adults make to hong-hong. There must have been a better way to word that. Alas, I am too lazy.

Babies are fascinating. And cute.

5. Going to Seattle for new years.

6. The DeCadence concert is tomorrow night.


  1. So close… but still not MMORPG

    I’ve gotten all the way to the checkout station with WoW twice, and still not bought it. The first time I simply handed it over and walked out (trembling), and the second time I picked up FarCry instead. I was sucked into that all weekend.
    I’ve learned two things from my experience.
    1) I’m still facinated by graphics, even more so now that I have an inkling of how much work goes into doing them in real-time.
    2) MMO games of any type will almost certainly suck me in, drain me of any meaningful connection to life, and leave only a shattered husk to wander the real world, vainly trying to cast magical attacks on dumptrucks and “harvest” resources from bushes.

    Judy, I’d love to play WoW with you, but I fear for my very life if I were to buy any flavor of role playing game.

    1. Re: So close… but still not MMORPG

      I’m reluctant to start playing for the same reasons, although I occasionally find myself attacking dumptrucks anyway. But hey, when dumptrucks take over the world in 2019, who’ll be ready to take them on? That’s right, me and the DUMPTRUCK FIGHTING BRIGADE, that’s who!!!

      1. Re: So close… but still not MMORPG

        That’s right, with our fists of righteous dumptruck bashing. We should makes lists of potential members now, so that when the revolution comes we can react quickly.

        1. Re: So close… but still not MMORPG

          what are dump trucks? oh, the things that beep outside my window, sometimes, right? yeah, the things outside my window are real fascinating. sometimes it’s light out there, and sometimes it’s dark. i wonder why, and what is that yellow thing that sometimes shines into my eye and detracts from my viewing the screen?

          1. Probably a figment of your imagination..

            I don’t know, I just pull down the shades when that happens. It goes away after a while, and then it’s nice and dark again, so my screen is the only light source in my barren room.

            That’s the best way to game really; no distractions. I hate it when I have to eat and whatnot. I should just get a catheter and an glucose drip, spiked with caffeine.

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