and above all, i miss WoW.

Today, R gave me a ride up Hearst so I could get an application for readmission at Campbell. I rescheduled my orthodontist appointment in Cupertino to next monday, took a very long nap, and turned in the readmission app at 4:00pm, when it was due. Ha. A inspired me to buy new guitar strings. In Italian, D’Addario is pronounced like “dadario,” but everyone here says “dee-adario,” because everyone else says “dee-adario.” I got medium guage. The last time I bought new guitar strings was 2 years ago. The last time I touched my guitar was probably about 2 years ago, too. J called me recently because she saw a Vienna Teng concert and wants me to be more like Vienna Teng. I laugh.

So the San Mateans and R and I had planned to go to for Halloween. I was going to use my LHS cheerleading uniform from 10th grade and put off going home to San Jose to get it for many days. R took me yesterday, only for me to find that the uniforms now reside in the bottomless pit of my garage, where retrieval is impossible and moths are abundant (maybe). So I put on a kimono that my neigher Melissa Dominguez’s mom made for me in 4th grade for a school project over my sweatshirt and went to the cemetery, which was not, as we had expected, a street-long haunted house. It was somebody’s yard set up with animatronics. It was very elaborate, but not worth driving to Mountain View for. At least we scared people away at a cafe in a bookstore and I drank sub-par (says R) Mexican hot chocolate.

Last Saturday I had a birthday party. Thanks for coming, people who came and made me feel special. Highlights included skittles gum sculptures (I’ll post pictures someday when I finish that roll and get it developed), and… I dunno. Shen Hua was yummy, the best dish was mbarrien‘s Mongolian … Pork? Or was it beef? It was so good. Hey zha jiang mien. What, tan tan mien? Yes, zha jiang mien. No, nobody ordered zha jiang mien. Yes, I did. No, you ordered…

Llast week, the closed beta test of WoW ended. The final stress test began today, but you have to download a new client, and there are 13 hours left in my download, which is not even official, since the official website is totally down. Nope, now it says 15 hours. Well, two minutes ago it said 30 hours. Yay bittorrent. At least our accounts and characters haven’t been wiped yet. R and I frantically went through Temple for the first time (I got two awesome blue items, including new bracers–I’d had my old once since level 3!!!! ridiculous) and stayed online till the servers went down. We were in Ironforge for the Armaggedon chaos, which was hilarious. I can only imagine the utter insanity that will ensue when all beta tests end in preparation for official release. I think when that happens I’ll cry. I got really attached to my night elf druid, Arala (note: that profile isn’t 100% accurate since 1) it hasn’t been updated for a while and I’m level 52 now with better gear, and 2) I have two sets of gear, a +int set for caster form and a +agi set for shapeshifted form. In the profile I’m oddly wearing a mix of the two. Haha you can see R’s character, too). So I’m scaring you now, aren’t I?

Read about the classes on the WoW website when it comes up again, or you can read a bit about ’em on blizzard’s main site at, and then take my poll. Actually the site about WoW on blizzard’s main site is really really out of date. I WISH druids still had storm crow form.


    1. We were never officially off. I guess you could say I go through spastic “hello, my name is Judy and I reveal ALL in my livejournal posts” phases, after which I go through “hello, I post nothing and share nothing about what I am thinking” phases. So I considered seriously, but did not. Now we are ok. Not quite the same, but ok.

  1. Hey, happy birthday! I wish you had reminded me again – I would have at least tried to stop by on the day and say hi.

    And I never knew you played guitar!

      1. Re: D’Addario

        No Way! Medium is where it’s at. You get a richer, fuller sound. Light is wimpy and thwackity. actually, it depends on your guitar. some are built more specifically for certain gauges.


    Are you 22 or 23? Also, are you attending school this semester (what is the readmission for?? I can never keep track of anything…

    And finally, have a great day =)

    1. I’m 23 now. Thanks yo!! =)

      I’m not attending school this semester, hee. Just took it off to do nothing (read: play wow all day). I hope you’re having a great day too =D

  3. Wait… so does that mean we can’t start playing WoW if we haven’t already? I have to admit, I got drawn in after watching George’s barbarian-type character do some sexy dance for a passing male character.

    I think I will try a Druid because I like how their eyes glow.

    And you are Melissa Dominguez’ neighbor? I remember that girl, she’s really cute. I picked up my sisters from a birthday party at her house once.

    1. 1) Thank you for the birthday wishes! =D
      2) The open beta (anybody can play for free) is beginning soon. Actual release (buy the game, pay $) is Nov 23–they announced that today.
      3) All night elves’ eyes glow (NE classes are warrior, rogue, druid, priest). All undead’s eyes glow, too, I think. And I think troll eyes glow too. Have you seen how CUTE CUTE CUTE gnomes are though?
      4) Well, I was her neighbor, before she moved. I used to borrow babysitter’s club books from her.

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