So close… but still not MMORPG

I’ve gotten all the way to the checkout station with WoW twice, and still not bought it. The first time I simply handed it over and walked out (trembling), and the second time I picked up FarCry instead. I was sucked into that all weekend.
I’ve learned two things from my experience.
1) I’m still facinated by graphics, even more so now that I have an inkling of how much work goes into doing them in real-time.
2) MMO games of any type will almost certainly suck me in, drain me of any meaningful connection to life, and leave only a shattered husk to wander the real world, vainly trying to cast magical attacks on dumptrucks and “harvest” resources from bushes.

Judy, I’d love to play WoW with you, but I fear for my very life if I were to buy any flavor of role playing game.