If you haven’t heard (aka if you live under a rock), insaniquarium DELUXE is out and, oh, just the number one downloaded game on yahoo, that’s all. Download it and then pay homage to the flying bear.


  1. This is kinda random, but when I was in LA for that one show this guy I was talking to was telling me about his friend who quit his job at some company that developed StarCraft or WarCraft or something craft b/c his lil insaniquarium game was making him so much money. I didn’t know what insaniquarium was…actually, I still don’t know what it is… oh well. The rock I live under looks suspiciously like a cubicle.

    1. Did you catch the name of that guy? I’m curious to know who this mystery friend is…

      But speaking of that Insaniquarium game, you should check it out! I mean, anyone who’s anyone has played that game. You want to be hip with the lingo, yes? You want to be jiggy with the friggy, right? You want to be the bombardier diggity-doo in white socks, correct?

      1. I think his name was Paul. Ring any bells? He graduated from UCB if I remember right.

        And insaniquarium sounds like it has the potential to suck away at my soul…I’m not sure if I want to become any less productive than I already am at work haha.

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