birthday invitation via livejournal.

Hey guys. My birthday’s Friday the 22nd (and I’m turning 22! Woohoo, it’ll only happen once in my life!!!), and I’d like to host a party-thing on the evening of Saturday the 23rd.

1. Dinner at 8pm at Shen Hua (on College Avenue in Berkeley… <>)

2. Party-thing at my apartment after dinner (9 or 9:30). We can like, play games and hang out and dance around and stuff.

Tell me if you’d like to come to either or both or anything. Shen Hua is a yummy Chinese restaurant, one away from La Med.


  1. 2 B-days in one night?

    I’m going to another Acapella-related B-Day party tonight, but it’s scheduled earlier (6:30/7:30). Unfortunately, it’s down Gilman, past San Pablo, so getting back in time for your dinner might be tricky.
    I’d like to swing by your apartment and wish you well in person, but I don’t know where it is!
    If you get a chance, give me a call at 925 914 1747 and let me know how to find your place!

    Happy Birthday!

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