As some of you know, I am not doing Berkeley this semester. But I am taking one online class via Foothill College. Intro to the Global Economy.

Well I missed 7 out of 55 questions on the first midterm. I’m dumb, but oh well.

I just wrote a very long reply on the class forum and it disappeared into the Firefox Ether. This has happened three times this session, but the last was with an almost completed and very long potential post. Now I feel compelled to give up. Has this happened to any of you? I use tabbed browsing a lot. I pull up a tab with the conversation topic. I click “post” in a new tab, and I type in that window. Then sometimes, after I click on the topic tab to refresh my memory of the question, and then I click back to the tab that has my long post in it, it has not my long post, but the LAST thing I typed in a post window like that (ie my answer to the LAST question I answered and submitted already). It is a weird bug. So obviously I tried to make it happen (made a new window, clicked back and forth in an attempt to conjure up the most recent lost post) but of course that didn’t work. Weird


  1. Can I recommend using a text editor? I used to have the same annnnoying problem all the time, but if you use an editor, or even type your postings in Word, and then copy and paste, it will never happen again (^_^)

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