My glasses broke. The right limb disconnected itself willfully from the frame. They still balance on my nose, if I press down and make the nosepieces hug my ski jump.


  1. Aw suck 🙁 Same thing happened to me freshman year in college, but I was stupid and instead of taking them to get fixed, I tried to fix it myself using a paperclip to tie the limb to the frame. But the end was sticking out, so I’d scratch my arm every time I’d have to lift it near my head (brushing hair, reaching for something over my head, etc.). So I had all these funny scratches on the underside of my arm.

    1. Ah, you were a Stripy!Laura (x-files… you know… Angsted!Mulder, Ditched!Scully…)

      My favorite pair of dress shoes broke when I was a freshman. Ok they didn’t really break, they have this (fake) buckle on them (fake because the buckle doesn’t actually hold anything together, it’s there only for decorative purposes), and that broke, so I too gave an unemployed paperclip the benefit of a new job. That paperclip is still there. I still wear those shoes to everything. It puts funny tears in the bottom of my pants sometimes.

    1. I’m not Judy, but I think I can help… 🙂

      From the Drawing Toolbar: Draw (menu in bottom left corner), Grid…, Snap objects to grid (should be the first check box under “Snap to”)

    2. Aww sues =)

      I haven’t been online very much. but my sn’s juddietunafish … I’ll IM you the next time I’m on =)

      Hahahaha… word…

      1) Make your “drawing toolbar” visible, if it isn’t already. To do that, go to “View” then “toolbars” then “drawing.”

      2) Click the first button on the bar (it has an A on it and a cube or something… like drawing preferences or something). Go to “Grid…” and you will see a checkbox for “snap objects to grid.” TADA!

      I miss you too! =) I keep thinking, I have to be more like sues and use my george foreman grill more, that seems like a good way to start cooking… hehe. MUDDER!!!!

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